The cadets of Vardar Junior defeated their peers from Metalurg 2 and the youth of Pelister

Vardar Junior cadets triumphantly finished the fall part of the season with six wins out of six matches. Convincible at the top of Group 1, they celebrated their last victory against Metalurg 2 with 43:17. The red-black team also celebrated victory in the youth...

Vardar “filled” the net of KL7 Lazarov

The players of Zoran Petkovski were dominant and unstoppable in the match of the pioneer league against KL7 Lazarov and won with 38:10. We play with the same team within the youth league, and we narrowly lost the last match against Butel with 33:31.

Vardar junior furiously in the cadets’ and unstoppable in the youth league

The cadets of Vardar Junior start the finish of this season's autumn part in the 1st group of the championship as favorites with maximum efficiency. Within the youth league, where they play with older players, they are in the top too.

The pioneers dominate among their peers

The youngest Vardar's players are the absolute favourite in the 3rd group of the national pioneer championship, while within the youth league, they manage to oppose the older players and gain the necessary experience.