Young Vardar players did not win points in Nashice

Without being experienced in continuous playing of strong matches within the SEHA League, Vardar's young players endured only one half of the match against Nexe in the last round of the SEHA League group phase. Vardar lost with 26:42 (14:18), although they could have achieved a better result. Mostly because of their mistakes, they allowed the opponent in the 2nd part to score series of goals. When we were 6-7 goals behind, it was hard to reduce the goal-difference.
After securing 1st place in the group and the placement in the ¼ finals, it was decided that the team of Vardar Junior will go to Nashice. Some of these players played several SEHA League and EHF matches this season. Only Dimitar Dimitrioski plays for the senior team.
Martin Karapalevski, Marko Kizic, Vasil Gogov and Alen Kjosevski have played more matches and now they had a chance for a longer timing in the court. The team of Stojan Petrushevski not only resisted but showed quality to play with strong teams.
Up until the 24th minute the match was equal, and the rival could have reached a lead of 2 goals the most. Then, in only 6 minutes, we conceded 5 goals and scored 2. We did not play good in defence, and the goalkeepers did not give their best. The percentage of saved shots at the end of the match was only 4%.

Vardar's bad game continued in the 2nd half. In 7 minutes, Nexe had a lead of 23:14 and it was obvious that Vardar's resistance was broken and Nexe will win this match.
The goal-difference was increasing up until the highest +17 goals (41:24). This is Vardar's biggest defeat in the all 9 seasons of the SEHA League.
Vardar will play the next SEHA League match on 07/08.03.2020 within the ¼ finals, and the 2nd leg match one week later. Their opponent will be the winner of the 1/8 final match between A5 and B4.

Nexe – Vardar 42-26 (18-14)
NEXE: Lelic, Car, Radovanovic, Eter 3, Mileta 2, Jaman 5, Dumenchic 3, Buvinic 5, Jelinic 5, Vida 1, Severec 6, Peshic 1, Tomic 8, Jaganjac 3, Vozab, Pribetic.
VARDAR: Gogov, Kizic 1, Angjelovski, Kukulovski 7, Dimitrioski 1, Gashoski 1, Karapalevski 4, Duka 2, Krstevski 3, Jakimovski, Atanasovski 2, Kjosevski 4.

Thursday, 19 December 2019 - 11:53

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