Welcome for Vuko Borozan

The national player of Montenegro (22) will be part of Vardar starting from next season. He signed a 1-year contract with a possibility for extension.

He will join our team at the end of July at the start of the preparation period for the new season. Vardar recruited another reinforcement on the left back's position from the Bundesliga.
The tall left back (203 cm) played for the Bundesliga team of Luebeck, but they did not manage to remain in this league. With his height and strong 9-meter shot, he represents a threat to any opponent's goalkeeper. His youth and potential will certainly bring quality and freshness into Vardar's attack and defense.
He has played two EC's with the team of Montenegro in 2014 and 2016. He was only 20 when he played the EC 2014 in Denmark and he was the youngest player within his national team.
Borozan started his career in 2007 in the team of Lovcen where he played until 2012. He spent the next 2 seasons in Karlovac, and later he moved to Metalurg. He started playing in Luebeck in 2014.
"Youth, height and talent are the qualities of Vuko Borozan that make him a valuable reinforcement and we totally believe that he will prove these qualities in Vardar. Besides his individual improvement, we expect he will contribute to achieving the team's goals. We are happy to have another such player that will contribute with his quality" – said Davor Stojanovski, Vardar's Executive Director.
Vardar will start the preparation period for the new 2016/17 season on 27.07 with its 1st training session in SC Jane Sandanski, and later they will go to Kranjska Gora.
They will stay in the Slovenian training center from 01.08 – 12.08 and within this period they will play 2 friendly matches against the team of Gorenje. The matches scheduled for the period from 06.08 – 10.08 will be the first test for our team before the start of the new season.
We will continue to upgrade our shape in Belorussia, where our host will be team of Meshkov. We will stay in Brest from 18.08 – 22.08 to play a strong preparation tournament against the host, Wisla Plock and the French team of Cesson Rennes.
We will play the match against the French team on 19.08 and the next day we will play against Wisla. The match against Meshkov Brest has been scheduled for 21.08. The team will come back to Skopje on 22.08.


Saturday, 18 June 2016 - 14:18