We are writing new history: We are SEHA champions again!

Only sky is the limit for Vardar. The new club record is the 4th title in the regional SEHA Gazprom League. The red-black team defeated PPD Zagreb with 26:24 (14:13) in the final of the 7th F4 tournament and became the first team with 4 SEHA titles.
Our team is the only one that played 6/7 finals in the SEHA League, the 2nd team to defend the title, and the 2nd team to win the title in front of its fans. Vardar ended this season without a defeat and one draw. No team has ever achieved such a result.
We finally broke the bad tradition with PPD Zagreb. We have constantly faced the Croatian champion on F4 tournaments and whenever we played for placement, in a final or a 3rd place match, we lost. Now, we were hosts, favourites and although we were under an additional pressure, we managed to handle the challenge, set a new club record and new limits for the other teams.
There was a period when we allowed the rival to equalize, but not to hope on ruining the planned celebration with our fans. When it was most necessary, we played excellent and when we reached 25:20, the celebration begun, at least on the stands.
Vardar was tough and decisive at the beginning, and after the goals of Kristopans, Cindric and Borozan, they reached a lead of 5:2. It seemed that Vardar will not have problems further in the match and stop the bad luck from previous F4 matches. Vardar won all semi-finals, but in the final and the 3rd place match, PPD Zagreb was better.
Vardar imposed its game, and they only needed to play better in defence. Domagoj Pavlovic was easily passing the defence wall, and although Arpad Sterbik saved 4 shots, we should have defended ourselves more aggressively.
PPD Zagreb was not under pressure, because they were outsiders. We had a constant lead of 3-4 goals, as an announcement of an easy finish. In the last minutes of the 1st half, PPD Zagreb slowly melted our lead and used our every mistake, so we went on a break with a narrow lead of 14:13.
Celje won the 3rd place by defeating Meshkov with 31:28.

Match statistics.


Monday, 16 April 2018 - 16:10