Vardar’s pioneers won the 2019 Delchevo Cup

By winning the 2019 Delchevo Cup, the youngest Vardar's players passed the final test before the start of the pioneer national championship scheduled for 15.09.

In the ½ final, Vardar defeated the team of Radovish with 20:17, and in the final they were better than the team of Astarion from Strumica with 28:16. The young Vardar player Gjorgji Spasovski was the best player of the tournament. The host team of Delchevo Vardar won the 3rd place.
Our pioneers guided by coach Zoran Petkovski competed with teams composed of mainly older boys, i.e., born in 2002/03.
"We played with 23 players and all of them got a chance to play both matches. This was our last test before the start of the national championship, and I am satisfied with the current shape and game. Our team is composed of players born in 2004/05, and our refreshment for the new season are Alessandro Pisonero and Ilija Velkovski, as well as Stefan Gugutaliev from the school of Bisinov Vardar (Veles) who competed in the Vardar Junior League. This season, we prepare for matches in 2 categories within the national championship – the pioneer and the youth category, where players born in 2000 expect us. I think that we will be competitive in the older category and play strong and quality matches. The best test for the shape of the team are international tournaments" – said Petkovski.
This was the 2nd test before the new season, when most of our pioneers as part of the academy won the 2nd place on the recent tournament "Lavovi Handball Challenge" held in Serbia. Ten teams played this tournament and our Nikola Spasovski was the best goalkeeper.
Vardar will play the 1st round of the pioneer's league against the team of Alushovski next weekend.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019 - 16:04