Vardar’s pioneers started the season with a match in the youth category

After the amazing victory against Champion of 40:8 in the pioneer category, our youngest players played their first match in the youth category against KL7. Although Vardar showed bigger sacrifice in Struga and had a lead through most of the 1st half, at the end they lost with 23:19 (8:11).

VARDAR – CHAMPION 40:8 (22:2)

The players of Zoran Petkovski are 1st in their group within the pioneer league. After 3 rounds, Vardar is convincingly the best team, and they played excellent in the last match against Champion. The 2-digit goal-difference of 22:2 in the 1st half and the lead of 40:8 at the end proved Vardar's domination in SC Jane Sandanski. All players got a chance to play.

VARDAR: Nikola Spasovski, Mario Stojanovski 2, Ile Tabakov 2, Alek Aleksovski 6, Tadej Aritonov 2, Martin Sipkovski 4, Stefan Ristevski 6, Kiril Simonovski 5, Petar Kolevski, Andrej Petrushevski 3, Matej Trajanovski 2, Martin Todoroski 2, Hristijan Petkoski 2, Gjorgji Spasovski 4, Stefan Gugutaliev.

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КL7 – VARDAR 23 : 19 (8 : 11)

In Struga, Vardar's pioneers managed to impose themselves as leaders in the 1st half against the host KL7. In the 1st half, the red-black team had a constant lead of 2-4 goals. They went on a break with an advantage of 11:8. The host made a turnover in the 2nd half after they drew 14:14 and 16:16 a bit later. A period without goals followed for the red-black team, which enabled the host to reach a lead of 20:16. This advantage was unreachable for us until the end. The host won with 23:19.

VARDAR: Nikola Spasovski, Mario Stojanovski 1, Ile Tabakov 1, Tadej Aritonov, Martin Sipkovski 2, Stefan Ristevski, Kiril Simonovski, Petar Kolevski, Andrej Petrushevski 4, Matej Trajanovski 5, Martin Todorovski, Aleksandar Stojmenov, Hristijan Petkovski 1, Viktor Trifunovski 2, Nikola Angelevski 3, Stefan Gugutaliev.


Wednesday, 9 October 2019 - 10:51