Vardar’s cadets won in Kichevo

The 2017/18 cadet final tournament is approaching. Vardar won the next to last match of the regular part of the season against Kichevo with 46:17 (24:9) and strengthened the leading position in their group.
Vardar's cadets guided by Andrijana Budimir achieved excellent results this season – they won 12 matches and only one match ended without a winner. They will play the last match against Butel, after which the preparations for the F4 tournament could start.
The red-black team was brilliant in Kichevo. They imposed their rhythm, which appeared to be unreachable for the boys of Vojnison. Precise in attack and excellent in defence, the red-black team won with a lead of 29 goals.

Vojnison – Vardar 17:46 (9:24)
Vardar: D. Stojkoski 1, М. Jovevski 4, М. Mishevski 6, B. Chakalic 3, B. Pavlovski 3, F. Atanasoski 4, N. Angjeleski, D. Dimitrievski 4, М. Janchev 3, D. Srbinovski 4, V. Grujovski 2, G. Trajchevski 1, D. Savrevski 7, B. Dimchevski 1, D. Mirchevski 1, S. Kalajdjieski 2.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018 - 14:24