Vardar will fight until the end, although Veszprem is the favourite

With the match against Veszprem on Sunday in Skopje, the 10th of the 14 rounds within the Champions' League group phase will be over. The European champion Vardar has problems for this match too because some of the players are still injured and some are in the recovery process.
These teams played the last season's final of the Champions' League in Cologne and they are the teams with most SEHA League titles. This time, the guest is the favourite because we lack some of our standard and key players.
The match Vardar – Veszprem will be played on Sunday (01.12.2019) at 17:00 in SC Jane Sandanski.
"It makes no sense to mention constantly that the team is not complete. I think that those that are ready to play will give their best. I expect they will play well and achieve good result before our fans. The match lasts 60 minutes and we cover each position in the court with only one player that can play in defence too. We have problems with rotation. Dissinger and Kristopans are injured and we cannot play the defence zone 6-0. The goalkeepers are not in a good shape. We could make up another defence zone with more faults and interruptions to concede less goals. However, that cannot happen over night. We cannot put players in defence it they have never played on that position. The players give their best" – said Eduard Koksharev, Vardar's coach.

Christian Dissinger will not play because he had a surgery yesterday and he will recover in the next 4-5 months. Dainis Kristopans has also problems with injury and we don't know if he could play this match. Therefore, we will have to think of a new strategy.
"This is our last Champions' League match for this year. There is not much to talk about the situation we are in. Veszprem is the absolute favourite and we cannot lie to ourselves. We have to fight and not disappoint our fans. We will play with the players that are available. All players have old injuries. The goalkeepers are not in a good shape, and so the game in defence is not well. It is not their fault only, we are all responsible" – said Stojanche Stoilov, the team's captain.
Our rival won the first match this season with 39:30. In group B, Vardar is 6th with 9 points and Veszprem is 2nd with 12 points.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019 - 15:00

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