Vardar started spring preparation phase

Just before the start of the WC in Germany, Vardar started preparing for the spring part of the season in SC Jane Sandanski. The team gathered and in the next couple of days itwill be joined by the other free players.
Dainis Kristopans and Janja Vojvodic joined the team on the 2nd training session and now the team has a total of 10 players. Vuko Borozan and Rogerio Morraes will arrive in the next few days. They are recovering from their recent surgeries. Both of them were training individually according to a special program, and now they will start training with the team. After the necessary medical examinations, they will join the team.
The team will train in Skopje together with several young players from Vardar's 2nd team. The assistant coach Biljana Crvenkovska will guide the team.
Most of the players are absent due to the WC in Germany. Milosavljev, Stoilov, Popovski, Dibirov, Kalarash, Kiselev, Karachic, Shishkarev are with their national teams, and the coach Parrondo is part of the Macedonian national coaching team.
Physical preparation will be emphasised, and when the team completes, tactics will be the focus. We should play the 1st match on 31.01 in Novi Sad against Vojvodina within the SEHA League.

Thursday, 10 January 2019 - 14:29