Vardar Junior won 2 matches in different categories

After the strong start in the cadet championship, the players of Andrijana Budimir and Ace Stankovski played tough against the older players in the youth category. In the first match of the national championship, Vardar Junior defeated Prolet 62 with 37:25. Two days before, the team defeated the team of Alushovski in the cadet category with 37:22.

Vardar's domination was obvious at the very beginning of the match with Prolet 62. Although Prolet 62 scored the first goal, Vardar Junior responded with 3:1. They kept a 3-goals advantage almost the whole 1st half, which in the last minutes was increased to +7. They went on a break with a lead of 17:10. In the next 30 minutes, they reached an advantage of 10 goals, which at the and was +12.

The best scorer was Bojan Chakalic with 8 goals.

VARDAR JUNIOR: David Stojkoski, Mario Mishevski - 5, Bojan Chakalic – 8, Filip Atanasovski – 1, Darjan Petkov, Andrej Takalevski, Damjan Dimitrievski – 2, Brane Trifunovski, Damjan Srbinovski – 1, Velimir Grujovski, David Savrevski – 6, Andrej Peshevski – 5, Blagoj Dimchevski – 3, Leonid Kiseloski – 3, Simon Kalajdjievski – 3, Hristijan Mihajlovski.
Vardar Junior defeated the team of Alushoski with 37:22 in the cadet category. At home, the young players were self-confident, but they showed their real power after the tie of 3:3. Until the end of the 1st half, Vardar Junior reached a lead of 19:10. There were no surprises in the 2nd half, and by the end they had a lead of 15 goals.

Leonid Kiselovski was the best scorer with 9 goals.

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VARDAR JUNIOR: David Stojkoski, Mario Mishevski - 1, Bojan Chakalic – 4, Boris Pavlovski, Filip Atanasovski – 1, Nenad Angelovski, Darjan Petkov - 1, Damjan Dimitrievski, Damjan Srbinovski – 3, Velimir Grujovski - 2, David Savrevski – 7, Andrej Peshevski, Blagoj Dimchevski – 2, Leonid Kiselovski – 9, Simon Kalajdjieski – 7, Hristijan Mihajlovski.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019 - 10:35