Vardar is theoretically the champion of Macedonia

With the triumph over Prolet of 38:25 (16:13) Vardar defended the national title, its 12th one. Metalurg is behind Vardar and regardless of the outcome in the last round, Vardar is the champion of Macedonia.

This is the 4th national trophy for the red-black team. Vardar is the only team in Macedonia to win 4 national trophies in a raw. They had the first series from 2000-2004 and the second series from 2014-2018.
Prolet was an equal opponent only in the 1st half, which was the reason for our small advantage on halftime of 16:13. We took the initiative in the 2nd half and slowly increased the lead.
This was the last test for Vardar before the Macedonian Cup. On Friday in Bitola, Vardar will play against Pelister in the semi-final.



Wednesday, 16 May 2018 - 13:29