Vardar is 1st ranked in its SEHA League group

For the 9th season in a raw, Vardar has been part of the SEHA League Top-8, and although in a changed format, the red-black team is again the best candidate for placement on the F4 tournament. After the triumph of 28:26 (13:17) over Tatran, the Macedonian champion that won the SEHA Gazprom League 5 times confirmed the 1st place in its group. Therefore, they will skip the 1/8 finals and will play directly in the ¼ finals.
Out of 8 victories this season, this was their 7th victory in a raw. There is one more match to be played until the end of the regular part of the season on 15.02.2019 against the team of Nexe in Croatia.
The guests played this match without few of the standard players, but they showed they have enough motivation and wish to play good against the SEHA League champion. Until the 44th minute they had a lead, which at some points was of 5 goals (13:18). They started the match excellent and used all chances.
Vardar played without the goalkeeper Arturs Kugis, Dainis Kristopans, Sergei Gorbok and Christian Dissinger.
Vardar used its old recipe. Even with a negative result, they do not quit, they try to impose their game and slowly reduce the advantage of the opponent. Maybe Vardar had a hard time to remain in the game, but with their first lead of 21:20, it was obvious they will not stop there. They continued to play and increased their lead to 24:21.
However, Tatran did not give up and although Vardar was attacking, they drew 25:25 in the 55th minute for another "thriller" match in Skopje.
Vardar scored for a lead of 27:25 and Khalifa Ghedbane saved a few decisive shots in this period enabling his teammates to play easy in attack. Timur Dibirov confirmed the victory with the lead of 28:25.
Vardar will play its last match this year in Nashice against Nexe on 15.12.2019.

* Match statistics

Wednesday, 11 December 2019 - 14:43

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