Vardar “filled” the net of KL7 Lazarov

The players of Zoran Petkovski were dominant and unstoppable in the match of the pioneer league against KL7 Lazarov and won with 38:10. We play with the same team within the youth league, and we narrowly lost the last match against Butel with 33:31.

Every resistance against the attack of the red-black team ended without success for the pioneers of KL7 Lazarov. Our pioneers had the ball most of the time; they were furious in attack and successful in defence. The victory was obvious from the beginning when the guest scored their 1st goal after we already scored 6. This period was a "warming-up" for what followed. After a series of 5 goals, we reached a lead of 11 goals for 16:5 on halftime. We continued the series in the 2nd part and reached a lead of 18:5. Then, we made a new series of 10 goals for 18:6 and 28:6. Until the end, the red-black team had a lead of 38:10 and celebrated the 8th victory this season in the pioneer league.

Vardar – KL7 Lazarov 38:10
VARDAR: Nikola Spasovski, Mario Stojanovski 2, Alek Aleksovski 3, Tadej Aritonov 1, Martin Sipkovski 2, Stefan Ristevski 3, Kiril Simonovski 7, Petar Kolevski, Andrej Petrushevski, Matej Trajanovski 2, Martin Todoroski 3, Aleksandar Stojmenov 7, Hristijan Petkovski 3, Gjorgji Spasovski 3, Alessandro Pissonero 2.

Close to winning were the pioneers in the youth league match against the team of Butel who won with 33:31. By participating in the older category, the red-black team will gain experience and play more matches throughout the season to accelerate development of young players.

Butel – VARDAR 33:31

Tuesday, 3 December 2019 - 16:30

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