Vardar ended the regular part of the SEHA League with a victory

With the triumph over Izvigjach in Ljubishki of 31:28 (16:10), Vardar ended the regular part of the SEHA Gazprom League. The red-black team secured placement on the F4 tournament long time ago, and their opponent will be known after the matches Nexe – Meshkov and PPD Zagreb – Tatran.


Without six standard players: Stash Skube, Igor Karachic, Dainis Kristopans, Timur Dibirov, Vuko Borozan and Sergei Gorbok, the current SEHA League champion played a variable match with two different halves. They played excellent the whole 1st half and at the beginning of the 2nd one. They allowed the opponent to hope on a surprise, but when it was most needed, they "pressed" and won 3 points.
By tomorrow night (Wednesday), Vardar will be 1st ranked, and they will keep this ranking depending on the results of the matches Nexe – Meshkov and PPD Zagreb – Tatran. The final standings will depend on the outcome of these matches too.
It is certain that Vardar will not be 4th in the group. However, other scenarios are possible. The 1st ranked team will play against the 4th ranked and the 2nd ranked will play against the 3rd ranked in the semi-final of the SEHA League F4 tournament on 02/03.04.
Only the initial minutes of the match were equal (until 3:3). Then, Vardar took over the initiative and the leadership. On halftime, they had a lead of 6 goals (16:10). Khalifa Ghebdane was cheerful between the goal posts and saved several shots.
At the beginning of the 2nd half we increased our advantage to 18:10. It seemed that it would be easy until the end. Somehow, we relaxed, and the rival reduced our lead to 20:17. Later we increased it to +6, but Izvigjach would reduce it again. However, we had a constant lead of 2-3 goals. The host hoped on a surprise, but Vardar did not allow.

Izvigjach – Vardar 28-31 (10-16)
Izvigjach: Mandic, Herceg, Milichevic 1, Alilovic 1, Kos 3, Ivanovic 8, М. Mishetic 2, Chutura 2, Vukshic 4, Primorac, Mataga 1, Maretic, Kalugjerevic 1, Lovric, G. Mishetic 3, Delic 2.
VARDAR: Ghebdane (14 saves and 2 penalties), Milosavljev, Stoilov 1, Kukulovski 4, Nedanovski 2, Popovski 9, Morraes 2, Kalarash 2, Chupic, Shishkarev 4, Krstevski, Vojvodic 3, Kiselev 4.


Wednesday, 13 March 2019 - 16:21