The youth strengthened its 1st place after the triumph over KL-7 Struga

In the key match for the leading position in group 1, the youth of Vardar came back from Struga with a victory. In the hall Niko Nestor, the players of Slobodan Chivlachki and Kristijan Grchevski played an uncertain match, which ended with a victory against the 2nd ranked team of KL-7 Struga of 27:26 (13:11).
The red-black team imposed its game and took over the leadership in the first minutes of the match. The host drew three times, but after 8:8, we kept a lead of at least 2 goals until halftime. We went on a break with an advantage of 13:11. The game in the 2nd half was more uncertain. The host drew 13:13 and later reached a lead of 2 goals. We drew 15:15 and the game was equal in the following minutes. We had the initiative, and the host followed our pace until 24:24. Then, we used our chance and reached a lead of 27:24. We conceded 2 goals in the final minutes, which were not enough for a draw. We won the match with 27:26.

KL-7 Struga – Vardar 26 – 27 (11 – 13)
Vardar: Blagoja Mishevski, Kristijan Angjelkoski, Mario Milanov, Alen Kjosevski 3, Hristijan Miloshevski 6, Viktor Krstevski 4, Brajan Petkovski, David Oltovski, Hristi Bikoski 1, Aleksandra Tushev, Darko Trajkovski, Antonij Misailevski 1, Martin Majstorovski, Igor Gjorgjiev 6, Vase Nakov 6, Andrej Micanovski.


Monday, 12 March 2018 - 11:14