The President Sergei Samsonenko congratulates the Independence Day

The honorary consul of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Macedonia and the President of HC Vardar, Sergei Samsonenko, congratulates the Independence Day to all Macedonian citizens:

"On my behalf, and on behalf of the Russian citizens, I congratulate you the Independence Day of the Republic of Macedonia (September 8th).
This day is the most significant day in the Macedonian history, symbolizing the decision of the Macedonian people to form an independent state. I express my deepest respect to the decisiveness to create independent and equal Macedonia for all its nationalities. I wish you peace, prosperity, mutual confidence and coexistence.
With kind regards and a wish for social, economic and political improvement, once again I congratulate you the Independence Day."

Kind regards,
Sergei Samsonenko

Thursday, 8 September 2016 - 21:16