The pioneers of Vardar Junior lost in Veles

In the first match of the spring season, the youngest players of Vardar Junior failed to win points in Veles. In the hall Blazhe Koneski in Veles, the red-black team lost with 27:28 (14:13) from Bisinov Vardar.

We played an equal match. Although the host had a constant lead of 1-2 goals, the players of Zoran Petkovski managed to draw several times in the 1st half. It was 13:13 just before the break, but the host reached a lead of 14:13 on halftime.
We followed the pace of the host until 18:18. Then, they reached a lead of 2 goals, which we could not annul until the end of the match. With the two penalties of Htistijan Petkovski in the last minutes, we set the final score of 27:28 in favour of the host. Petkovski was the best scorer with 10 goals.
Bisinov Vardar – Vardar Junior 28 – 27
Vardar Junior: Nikola Spasovski, David Mladenovski 2, Ile Tabakov 4, David Slavevski 1, Antoni Andovski, Tadej Aritonov, Gjorgji Spasovski 2, Marjan Gochev 5, Kiril Simonovski, Naum S., Andrej Petrushevski 1, Matej Trajanovski, Petar Kolevski, Aleksandar Stojmenov 2, Hristijan Petkovski 10, Ilija Velkovski.

Monday, 12 March 2018 - 10:41