The pioneers dominate among their peers

The youngest Vardar's players are the absolute favourite in the 3rd group of the national pioneer championship, while within the youth league, they manage to oppose the older players and gain the necessary experience.

Two rounds to the end of the autumn part, the players of Zoran Petkovski defeated Butel with 27:18 (14:8). The triumph was obvious at the beginning of the match, and the host woke up when the result was 2:10. We went on a break with a lead of 14:8 and continued at the same pace. Alexandro Pissonero was the best scorer with 6 goals.
The pioneers hold the top of the 3rd group firmly with maximum efficiency, and they will play the next match against the team of KL 7 Lazarov.

The pioneers played an excellent match in the youth league too against the team of Metalurg. Although they did not win any points and lost with 29:34, they showed they have strength and technics to oppose older players. They maintained a difference of 2-3 goals during the whole match and the result on halftime was 17:19. However, that was not enough for reaching a lead in the 2nd half.
Matches are an excellent way to gain experience and make bigger and faster progress.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019 - 13:39

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