The pioneers did not win points on the first day of the tournament in Serbia

The first day of the "Belgrade Trophy" tournament, our youngest players played 2 matches against the older cadet teams of Mokerc Kig from Slovenia and Partizan from Serbia but could not win any points. Today at 12:50, the players of Zoran Petkovski will play against the team of Junior from Belgrade.

The red-black team started the first match against the Slovenian Mokerc excellent, and despite the lead of 9:7 on halftime, they lost narrowly with 15:16. Vardar controlled the result in the 1st half and regardless of the age difference, they successfully maintained a lead of 1-3 goals. They had a lead of 2 goals on halftime. The opponent drew 11:11 in the 2nd half, but Vardar reached a lead of 14:13. However, that was not enough for keeping the lead until the end of the match and the opponent won.
Vardar's scorers: Nikola Anakievski - 4 goals, Matej Trajanovski - 3, Aleksandar Stojmenov - 3, Viktor Trifunovski - 2, Mario Stojanovski - 1, Hristijan Petkovski - 1 and Georgij Spasovski - 1 goal.
Vardar played a more difficult match against Partizan and lost with 18:14. The age difference was more noticeable, but the red-black team did not surrender. Partizan had a lead during the whole 1st part, but near halftime, Vardar reduced it to 7:9. After the break, the red-black team managed to reduce the difference to 1 goal, 8:9 and 9:10, but Partizan played better and kept a lead of 4 goals until the end.

Stefan Ristevski, Andrej Petrushevski, Matej Trajanovski, Aleksandar Stojmenov and Nikola Anakievski scored 2 goals each, while Mario Stojanovski, Martin Sipkovski, Hristijan Petkovski and Georgij Spasovski scored 1 goal each.

Monday, 30 December 2019 - 11:47

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