The championship will continue February 28th and the playoffs will start on March 21st

The outcome of the national championship will start on 21.03.2020 when the first matches of the playoffs will be played. Then, Vardar will join the race together with Eurofarm Rabotnik and the 4 best teams from the regular part of the championship.

On the semi-annual conference of the Super League clubs, the dates of the matches from the reimaging part of the championship as well as the Cup matches were determined. Ten rounds of the playoffs will be played, and the best team will win the title. The last round of playoffs will be played on 27/28.05.2020.

In the same period the playouts will also be played. Vardar Junior will play, and the points from the regular part of the championship won against teams that will also play in the playouts will be transferred. First, the 4 remaining rounds of the regular part of the championship will be played in the period between 29.02.2020 and 15.03.2020.

The final of the Macedonian Cup will be played om 16/17/05.2020. The ¼ finals will be played on 11/12.04.2020 and the best teams from each group will play the F4 tournament. The playoff pairings will be drawn in February 2020.



Thursday, 26 December 2019 - 10:26

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