The captain Stoilov and other ten Vardar players on the 2020 EC

Our captain Stojanche Stoilov will be part of the Macedonian national team on the senior EC that will be held from 09.01.2020 – 26.01.2020 in Austria, Norway and Sweden. The matches of our group will be played in Vienna.
We share the group with Austria, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. The best 2 teams will go in the next phase, which matches will be also played in Vienna, together with the best 2 teams that will play the first phase in Trondheim (Norway) and Graz (Austria).
Vardar will be represented by several players on this EC – Stoilov will play for Macedonia, Dibirov, Gorbok, Atman, Shishkarev and Kalarash will play for the Russian team, while Kugis and Kristopans for the Latvian team. Vardar's sports director is the head coach of the Russian team, and our goalkeepers' coach Dejan Peric is also part of the same team.
Part of our national team are also Aleksandar Charcev – the youth female goalkeepers' coach – and the physiotherapist Dimitar Manevski.
Russia is part of group E that plays matches in Malmo together with Denmark, Hungary and Iceland. Latvia is part of group C together with Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.
All matches of our team will be broadcasted on Telma TV.
- Complete schedule of EC matches - match_schedule_-_online_version.pdf

Thursday, 9 January 2020 - 15:43

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