The cadets of Vardar Junior defeated their peers from Metalurg 2 and the youth of Pelister

Vardar Junior cadets triumphantly finished the fall part of the season with six wins out of six matches. Convincible at the top of Group 1, they celebrated their last victory against Metalurg 2 with 43:17. The red-black team also celebrated victory in the youth league against the team of Pelister of 32:15, where they play with the same team.

The red-black cadets of Vardar Junior will welcome the spring part of the 2019/20 season at the top, suggesting that the team's ambitions this year are headed to the top of the national cadet championship. They have the maximum efficiency in the first part of the season, and the domination of the team is evident by the fact that they gained most of the victories with a 2-digit goal-difference.
The winning attributes and ambitions of the players of Andrijana Budimir and Ace Stankovski were evident in the last match of the fall season against Metalurg 2. The initiative was ours at first, but the guests started ambitiously until the draw 3: 3. Then, the furious red-black rhythm began. Soon, we had an advantage of 8:3, then of 10:5, and by the break we were leading 19:9. The precision in attack and excellent coordination in defence continued to the end of the match for a 43-17 triumph.
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VARDAR JUNIOR - Metalurg 2 43:17 (19:9)

VARDAR JUNIOR: David Stojkoski, Mario Mishevski - 3, Bojan Chakalic - 7, Filip Atanasovski - 2, Nenad Angelkovski, Darjan Petkov - 3, Damjan Dimitrievski, Brane Trifunovski, Damjan Srbinovski - 4, Velimir Grujovski, Gorjan Trajchevski, David Savrevski - 7, Andrej Peshevski - 6, Blagoj Dimchevski - 6, Leonid Kiseloski - 3, Simon Kalajdjievski - 2.

The cadets of Vardar Junior also compete in the youth league, where this weekend they gained their second victory in a row, this time against the team of Pelister. The red-black team filled the net of Metalurg 2 instinctively. When the score was 4: 3, they made a series of 6 goals for a 10:3 lead. The advantage was then easily maintained and gradually increased. We finished the half with 13:7, and in the second half we scored another 19 goals. The final result of 32:15 reflected the superiority of Vardar Junior against the guests from Bitola.
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VARDAR JUNIOR: David Stojkoski, Mario Mishevski - 2, Bojan Chakalic - 3, Ilija Mindoshev - 1, Andrej Takalevski - 3, Nenad Angelkovski, Darjan Petkov - 1, Damjan Dimitrievski - 2, Damjan Srbinovski - 1, Velimir Grujovski - 1, David Savrevski - 6, Andrej Peshevski - 3, Blagoj Dimchevski - 2, Leonid Kiseloski - 3, Simon Kalajdjievski - 3, Hristijan Mihajlovski - 1.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019 - 10:46

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