Stoilov: Now we only think of Pick Szeged

For the 6th time, Vardar will play the Champions' League ¼ finals and fight for the 3rd EHF F4 tournament in Cologne. Their last obstacle this time is the Hungarian team of Pick Szeged – our old acquaintance from the Champions' League.
The first ¼ final match will be played on Thursday in Skopje. The match is sold out and our players will have enormous support from their fans in SC Jane Sandanski.
"This is the most important match for us this season. Maybe it will be the last Champions' League match with this team, considering the announcement of Sergei Samsonenko. However, the situation is put on hold. We know the significance of these two matches against Pick Szeged. In my opinion, they are the favourites. We will give our best to defeat Pick Szeged with the support from our fans and we will try to secure placement on the F4 tournament" – said the captain Stojanche Stoilov.
Pick Szeged is the favourite in this match and therefore the 2nd leg match will be played in Hungary. The rival is our old acquaintance. Every team has its virtues and flaws.
"Our handicap might be the "short bench". Still, it is only one match and then we will have enough time to rest. We will have an opportunity to give our best and win the match with the support from our fans. Pick Szeged has always played bad in Skopje, which will be a relief for us, but also a reason for pressure. I think that Pick Szeged will be under pressure. This team is in a different situation because they have never defeated us in Skopje and they certainly wish to do that. Therefore, they are under bigger pressure than we are before this match" – said Stoilov.
Vardar wants to be part of the European elite again in Cologne.
"We play the first match against Pick Szeged on Thursday. We want to play the F4 tournament and we have to defeat Szeged. They are a serious, strong team, and they proved that during the season. However, our team worked hard, and I am sure that our players will play the best they can" – said Roberto Parrondo, Vardar's coach.



Wednesday, 24 April 2019 - 15:10