SEHA League will start on September 3rd

The SEHA Gazprom League Office announced the dates of all matches for the 9th season of this regional championship. Vardar will be part of this league, and its possible rivals will be additionally determined.
What is unique this season is that all matches will be played at: 17:15, 19:00 or 20:45.
Since this season we will have 2 groups consisted of 6 teams each, a total of 10 matches will be played in the regular part of the season. This part of the season should end on December 15th.
There will be 2 playoffs, which will be played at the beginning of February 2020 (home-guest).
Two ¼ finals will be played in March (7/8.03 and 14/15.03). The winners in these matches will play the F4 tournament, which will be held from 03.04 – 05.04. The host will be additionally determined.
Macedonia will be represented by 2 teams – Vardar and Eurofarm Rabotnik – which are not in the same group.

1st round
3/4.09.2019 (Tuesday, Wednesday)
2nd round
7/8.09.2019 (Saturday, Sunday)
3rd round
17/18.09.2019 (Tuesday, Wednesday)
24/25.09.2019 (Tuesday, Wednesday) – reserve
4th round
1/2.10.2019 (Tuesday, Wednesday)
5th round
5/6.10.2019 (Saturday, Sunday)
6th round
29/30.10.2019 (Tuesday, Wednesday)
5/6.11.2019 (Tuesday, Wednesday) – reserve
7th round
12/13.11.2019 (Tuesday, Wednesday)
19/20.11.2019 (Tuesday, Wednesday)- reserve
8th round
3/4.12.2019 (Tuesday, Wednesday)
9th round
10/11.12.2019 (Tuesday, Wednesday)
10th round
14/15.12.2019 (Saturday, Sunday)

Playoff 1
1/2.02.2020 (Saturday, Sunday)
Playoff 2
11/12.02.2020 (Tuesday, Wednesday)

¼ final 1
7/8.03.2020 (Saturday, Sunday)
¼ final 2
15/16.03.2020 (Saturday, Sunday)

F4 tournament
3/4/5.04.2020 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)


Thursday, 4 July 2019 - 15:52