SEHA F4: New record for Vardar

It seems that Vardar cannot stop setting records in this season's SEHA League. They set the last one in the semi-final against Meshkov. By winning with 33:24 (17:14), the red-black team gained the biggest victory on all F4 tournaments ever.
The former record was a victory of 8 goals, which was set by Vardar twice, and once by PPD Zagreb. Vardar held a lecture to the Belorussian in front of their fans. At one point, they a had a 2-digit advantage of 10 goals (30:20).
This was Vardar's 18/19 triumph in one season. Our club has set another record – the only team with more than 100 victories in the SEHA League. This last victory was their 110th.
The threefold SEHA winner is the only team to secure placement in its 6th out of 7 finals. They lost twice – once from PPD Zagreb in a penalty shootout and once from Veszprem. The only time when the Macedonian champion did not play for the gold medal was on the tournament in Veszprem. Back then, Meshkov defeated us in the semi-final, and we lost the battle for the bronze from PPD Zagreb.
Vardar is the first team in the SEHA League that succeeded to end the regular part of the season with 17 victories. At the same time, Vardar set the record of a team with the biggest number of points won in the regular part of the SEHA League.
Vardar's opponent in the final will be the team of PPD Zagreb. The match will be played on Sunday at 20:15.

Monday, 16 April 2018 - 15:38