Public announcement

Dear citizens and friends!

The 7th year has passed since I have been managing and financing handball in the country, starting with WHC Vardar in 2012 and then HC Vardar in 2013.
Unfortunately, within the 7 years spent in handball, the third year has passed since I personally struggle from day to day to support the club, with constant borrowing and raising loans. In addition to this everyday fight, there are more than 5,000 employees with their families that I support and who I do not want to endanger, but it already started with my constant borrowing for sports.
The income that the handball club has been receiving from the European Handball Federation and the sponsors in the past years does not cover 10% of the club's annual budget.
I got too many promises that I will be helped financially, but I have not received any help yet.
This is the reason why I will not be able to finance the handball club Vardar next season.
In the past years, HC Vardar as this country's symbol dominated in all sports. Vardar is, and will be a national pride for every citizen. Vardar became the men's handball European champion in 2017 and brought the European gold to our country.
The red-black team won the European crown in Cologne and I will never forget how thousands of citizens welcomed us in Skopje and worshiped the success of our players.
Let us not forget that WHC Vardar won 6 national titles, 5 national cup titles, 5 performances in the Champions' League – 3 bronze medals and 1 silver.
In the past 6 seasons, HC Vardar won 4 national titles, 5 national cup titles, 2 Super Cup titles, 4 SEHA League titles, lost one final of the Champions' League and won the European title in 2017.
Therefore, I sincerely and openly invite all Macedonian businessmen to come and join the financing of the handball club.
Vardar is our joy and pride! I hope this will touch your hearts and together we will preserve our pride!

Sergei Samsonenko

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 - 14:28