Parrondo: No calculations, we will give our best in each match

Vardar has had problems with injuries for 2 months and the last 4 matches of the Champions' League group phase will be played in the following period. Today, the team went to Germany where they will play against Rhein-Neckar tomorrow night. Our team is incomplete, but we will give our best to keep the tradition we have with the German team.
In all mutual matches, Vardar has won 6 times, one match ended without a winner and the Germans have won twice. We won twice in Germany and one match ended in a tie. We won in 2015 and 2016, and last year we drew 21:21 in the group phase.
"Matches are always uncertain. We will ignore the tradition. We have never defeated Veszprem until now. Therefore, it is more important to focus on our game. Every match is different, and we have to be prepared for the opponent's tactics. We have 4 more matches to the end of the group phase. We will give our best in each match, because every match is important now" – said Roberto Parrondo.
We won the 1st match in Skopje (06.10.2018) with 29:27 and played well in the 2nd half. Vardar is 2nd in group A with 13 points, or one less than Rhein-Neckar.
Vuko Borozan, Rogerio Morraes and Sergei Gorbok stayed in Skopje.
"It will be a difficult match. Rhein-Neckar is an excellent team. We will see if we are ready. We are in a good shape, but we need more time for training because the team is incomplete, and we have to combine the available players. We have several injured players, but we will try to play good and come back with a good result" – thinks Parrondo.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019 - 10:30