One trophy for Vardar, two for Dibirov

Vardar won its first tournament in the new season that was held in Trebinje. Besides this award, Vardar won 2 other individual awards – the best scorer and the best player award of Timur Dibirov. Vardar defeated Metaloplastika in the final with 34:28 (17:14).
In the match of 2 European champions – the current Vardar and the former Metaloplastika (33 years ago) – the red-black team did not have any problems. They put enough effort just to gain comfortable victory and win the first trophy. They used their "5 minutes" to reach a bigger lead.
Vardar reached a fast lead of 8:3, but Metaloplastika made a turnover later and reached a lead of 13:12. When it was necessary, Vardar "stepped on the gas" and with a series of 5:1, they reached a lead of 17:14 and went on a break. Situation was similar in the 2nd half. They kept the advantage, reached a lead of 27:21, which Metaloplastika reduced to 28:26. Again, Vardar "stepped on the gas" and reached a lead of 32:28.
Timur Dibirov was awarded for the best scorer and the best player. "Everything I do, I do it for the team. Thank you on the awards. The tournament justified our expectations, and Metaloplastika is an excellent team" – said Dibirov.

Todor Jandric from Metaloplatika was the best goalkeeper and Borac Banja Luka won the fair-play trophy.
Butan Plin from Izola won the 3rd place. They defeated Borac Banja Luka with 26:25. Izvigjac from Ljubishki won the 5th place and Leotar was 7th.

Vardar – Metaloplatika 32-28 (17-14)
VARDAR: Kukulovski, Dimitrioski, Gashovski, Kristopans 6, Pelko 1, Dissinger 2, Atman 1, Skube 3, Chupic 6, Khalifa, Dibirov 3, Gorpishin 3, Gorbok 4.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019 - 16:36