New city SEHA League derby

With the tonight's match against Metalurg (20:15, SC Boris Trajkovski) starts the 2nd part of the season in the regional SEHA Gazprom League. Vardar will be a guest of its city rival, and until the end of this year, they still have to play against Zheleznichar, Tatran and Steaua. Eighteen matches remain to be played until the final F4 tournament.

ТThe tradition in SEHA Gazprom League matches between Vardar and Metalurg is in favour of the red-black team. The last match between these two teams was played on 29.08 and Vardar won with 34:28. Out of the 9 matches played within the regular part of the SEHA League, Vardar won 7 matches in a raw.
Vardar is 2nd with 21 points, as much as Tatran and Nexe, but our team played one match less. If we won, we will be 1st and closer to a place on the F4 tournament.
We finished our EHF obligations and we will spend the winter on the 2nd place. Now, only our SEHA League obligations remain to be fulfilled. Regardless of the standings, these city matches have always been interesting. At the moment, Metalurg is next to last with only 4 points.

Roberto Parrondo – Vardar coach
"Whenever we play against Metalurg, the result is never certain. These two teams are big rivals and we all know that the match will be great. We expect a good atmosphere and I believe everyone will enjoy. In my opinion, the most important for Skopje is to have 2 really good clubs."

Dainis Kristopans – Vardar player
"We prepared for Metalurg as for any other team. We want to play a good match and play for the fans who expect us to win."

Thursday, 6 December 2018 - 14:00