Khelifa: I am a big fighter in the court, but out of it, I enjoy life

The Algerian player Khelifa Ghebdane joined Vardar just a few months ago, but he quickly won the fans' sympathy. The excellent saves in front of our net in key moments made the 21-year old player famous very soon.

Khelifa has been the first Algerian player ever in the red-black team. He made a strong impression in the EHF and SEHA League matches.
Welcome to HC Vardar Khelifa! How do you feel?
"I like Skopje very much. The people here are very hospitable, and everyone accepted me, both in and out the club."
Are your expectations fulfilled?
"It was very hard for me to leave my home country and come to Vardar. I was very excited. I must point out that the players and the people that work in the club helped me to adjust quickly."
What do you like most about Vardar?
"The most important for me in Vardar is the army of fans I have. Here, handball is very popular, and people recognize me on the street.
How would you describe yourself in and off the court?
"When I play, I am 100% focused and I always want to win. I am a big fighter in the court, but out of it I enjoy every moment of my life."
Please tell us something about the beginning of your handball career.
"I started to play when I was 7 years old in Aswoy in the area Blida in Algeria. When I was 17, I continued my career in the best Algerian club GSP where I worked with the goalkeepers' coach and got an invitation from the U-17, U-20 and U-21 Algerian national team, as well as from the senior team."
What would you say about the atmosphere during the match? What do you think of Vardar's fans?
"I think that the atmosphere is the best in Europe. Vardar's fans are no.1, and with such fans you can beat any team in Europe."
What would you advise the young handball players in Macedonia?
"They always have to be serious during training sessions, believe in themselves, in their own capacities. They have to listen to their coaches carefully."
Do you like Skopje? Have you already adjusted to the city?
"I like Skopje very much and I already feel it as home. I really do not feel as a stranger here."
What do you do in your free time? Do you have a hobby?
"When I am free, I drink coffee with my friends and watch movies. I really like to go to the movies, but I do not understand the language. I do not have a special hobby."
Do you hang out with the team? Do you like the night life in Skopje?
"We often drink coffee together after matches, but I do not know much about night life, because I was in the disco only once and I liked it."
What is your favourite place in Skopje?
"You have a very delicious cuisine. My favourite places are Block Café, which is near my home, Rustikana and Barbakan."
What is your message to Vardar's fans?
"To support us always.... even when we lose."

Wednesday, 12 December 2018 - 11:01