Jubilees of Vardar’s players in last y ear’s SEHA League?

For Vardar, 2018 was the 2nd most successful year in the club's history. They won the SEHA League title and the triple national crown. The SEHA League title is the 4th one for Vardar and they are the 1st club to win 4 titles and the 2nd one that succeeded to defend the title.
However, some of the players celebrated jubilees. In 2018, Timur Dibirov scored his 400th goal in this regional competition and he is our best scorer.
Dainis Kristopans is the best scorer in the SEHA League in general with 600 goals, which he scored for 3 different clubs – Tatran, Meshkov and Vardar.
Igor Karachic is the player with the most "years of service" in Vardar. Last year, he scored his 300th goal and played his 100th match in the SEHA League. Ivan Chupic played his 100th match for Vardar in the SEHA League.
Mijajlo Marsenic played only the first part of the year for Vardar and scored his 200th goal in the league.


Friday, 4 January 2019 - 16:00