Four Vardar players on the list of the head coach Danilo Brestovac for the 2020 EC

The head coach of the men's national team Danilo Brestovac published the preliminary list of players that will play the 2020 EC in Austria, Norway and Sweden. There are 4 Vardar players on the list.
There are 28 players on the preliminary list, which includes Marko Kizic, Dimitar Dimitrioski, Dejan Kukulovski and Stojanche Stoilov from Vardar.
Preparations start on 21.12.2019 in Skopje. Until the end of the year, the team will play test matches against Kuwait, the Netherlands and Romania or Alger. At the beginning of January, they will play against Slovenia and Montenegro.
We will start the EC with a match against Ukraine on 10.01.2020 and on the 12th, we will play against the Czech Republic. At the end of the group phase, we will face Austria.




Tuesday, 10 December 2019 - 15:15

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