Brazilian national player in Vardar

СVardar will be boosted in the new season with the Brazilian player Jose Guilherme de Toledo (25). He signed a 2-year employment contract with the European champion Vardar, and he plays on the right-back position.
He was born in Sao Paulo; he is 193 cm tall and weighs 100 kg. Toledo share the position with Dainis Kristopans. He is a Brazilian national player and he won the gold (2016) and the silver (2018) medal on the Pan American Championship. He played the WC 2015 in Qatar.
Toledo is the 2nd Brazilian to be part of Vardar.
"By recruiting Toledo, we believe we will have a better backline in Vardar. He showed that he could be of use for any team. His youth, and above all his game in attack and defence, are more than welcome. We expect that Toledo will use the given chance and prove us that we made an excellent choice with his recruitment" – said Davor Stojanoski, Vardar's Executive Director.

ТToledo has played European cups since 2014 when he started to play for the Spanish team of Granollers. After an incomplete season, he moved to Wisla Plock in Poland, where he stayed until the end of 2018/19 season.
In the past 2 seasons in Wisla, the Brazilian handball player scored 41 goals each. With this team, he played the Champions' League 1/8 final. He scored a total of 7 goals on both matches. He scored most goals in the match against the Finnish team of Cocks (8) and 7 against Ademar Leon.
Just before the start of the new season, Vardar recruited the goalkeeper Arturs Kugis, Sergey Gorpishin, Dimitar Dimitrioski, Pavel Atman and the coach David Pisonero, Stash Skube and Khalifa Ghedbane extended their contracts.
The preparations for the new season should start on 24.07 in Skopje.

Thursday, 4 July 2019 - 15:37