Another 2-digit victory for Vardar’s pioneers

The players of Andrijana Budimir developed a habit of gaining 2-digit victories in the pioneer league and score more than 30 goals in each match. In the 10th round, they defeated the team of Shkupi with 35:8 (17:3).

Although the match was played in SC Kale, Shkupi was the official host and scored the 1st goal when we reached a lead of 11:0. They scored only 3 goals by the end of the 1st half, and we did 17. Their long periods without goals meant successful attacks for our boys. We were filling their net with fast goals and blocked all passages toward our goal. The balls that would pass through our defence, would end up in the hands of the goalkeepers. In the 2nd half, Shkupi scored 5 more goals opposed to our 18. The match ended with a lead of Vardar of 27 goals (35:8).

Shkupi – Vardar 8 – 35 (3 -17)
Vardar: David Stojkoski, Mario Mishevski 5, Bojan Chakalic 7, Boris Pavlovski 1, Nikola Zhernovski 3, Damjan Dimitrievski 3, Leonid Chorogunov, Mateo Janchev 4, Damjan Srbinovski, Velimir Gjurovski, Borjan Trajkovski 1, David Savrevski 3, Blagoj Dimchevski 1, David Mirchevski, Antonio Peshevski 1, Simon Kalajdjiski 6.

Monday, 12 March 2018 - 10:32