Alushovski and Vardar started with a victory in 2020

Во новата 2020 година Вардар тргна со победа, иако игравме тренинг натпревар против Еурофарм Пелистер што го добија „црвено-црните" со 32-28. Дури и без неколку играчи во составот Вардар покажа дека сериозно се подготвува за она што му претстои следните месеци, односно одбраната на трите титули и враќањето на Куп титулата во Македонија.

Vardar started the year with a victory they gained in a friendly match against Eurofarm Pelister, which they won with 32:28. Without some of the standard players, Vardar showed that they have been seriously preparing for the upcoming months, i.e., to defend the three titles and win the Macedonian Cup title.
Vardar played without the goalkeepers Kizic, Ghedbane and Kugis, and without Stoilov and Atman. Toledo started training with the team, but he did not play this match. Dissinger is still in the recovery process after his knee surgery. With the rest of the players, the coach Stevhce Alushovski showed that the team has quality and knows how to join all parts of the puzzle. The young Gogov from Vardar Junior was between the goal stands, as well as his colleague Angjelkovski.
The guests from Bitola had a lead of 1-2 goals several times in the 1st half, but Vardar always managed to stay in the game and draw. After the last 12:12 draw, Vardar reached a lead of 3 goals (15:12) with an excellent game and left on a break.
In the 2nd half, Vardar played even better and soon they reached a lead of 10 goals (24:14). It was obvious they would win.
"This was a first match for us and I wanted to see how we function. We had several absent players and I am satisfied how the other players filled the gaps. This was only a friendly match, which showed us where we are and where we should be careful when setting the shape. Now, we enter a more serious stage of the preparations, which will be followed by the first match against Kiel in Germany, when the team will be complete and I believe we will play much better" – said Stevche Alushovski, Vardar's coach.
Vardar will go to Germany on 05.02 to play the Champions' League match against Kiel.

Vardar – Eurofarm Pelister 32-28

VARDAR: Gogov, Karapalevski, Gjashovski, Kukulovski 2, Kjosevski, Kalarash 2, Gorpishin, Gorbok 1, Dibirov 4, Chupic 6, Skube 9, Kristopans 4, Dimitrioski, Sikoshek Pelko 3, Shiskarev 1, Angjelkovski.

Eurofarm Pelister: Madjoski 2, Markoski, Taleski 1, Churlevski 3, Radovic 3, Jotic 7, Vegar, Kukoski, Velkovski 1, Ostroushko 1, Ratajec, Gradjan 7, Gjukic 1, Kuzmanovski, Petrovski 2, Mitrevski, Trajkovski, Chanevski.

Friday, 31 January 2020 - 15:26

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