A national pioneer team will be formed – ten Vardar players are on the list

The Vardar pioneer team ended this half season with 9/9 victories within the Macedonian championship and showed that one of the teams will certainly fight for the title in this category. For the first time, a national pioneer team will be formed, and 10 Vardar players are invited for the preparation phase.
On their first meeting, the players that will play tournaments will be selected. Vardar players are among the best this season, both individually and as a team, so the head coaches of the national team Radoslav Stojanovic and Kiril Atanasovski will have a chance to check their quality.
Our youngest players that compete within the MHF system are guided by Zoran Petkovski who has an excellent team this season. The following players will participate in the preparation phase: Nikola Spasovski, Mario Stojanovski, Kiril Simonovski, Stefan Ristevski, Andrej Petrusevski, Hristijan Petkovski, Matej Trajanovski, Aleksandar Stojmenov, Georgij Spasovski and Angel Icev.

Friday, 13 December 2019 - 09:36

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