Vardar “tramples down”: Triumph against Rhein-Neckar in the match of the round

Vardar remains undefeated in group A of the Champions' League after beating Rhein Neckar with 29:27 in the match of the round. After 4 matches, the red-black team remains to be the leader in its group with highest efficiency.

Match of the round Vardar – Rhein-Neckar: Defence is the key

Vardar won 5 matches, one match ended without a winner and the Germans won twice. Of 4 matches played in Skopje, Vardar won 3. Only in 2016, Rhein-Neckar won after we defeated them in Germany the same season.

He started in the Vardar Handball Academy to reach the Super League

With his height, persistence and wish, the left-handed Darko Trajkovski started to play handball in the Vardar Handball Academy and in 3 years he reached the MHF Super League. He has grown fond of this sport through the Vardar Junior League and started to...

Routine victory against Vojvodina

Without uncertainty and with a combined roster, Vardar gained its 30th victory in a raw within the SEHA Gazprom League. The winning series continues with the 5th triumph in the new season. Vardar defeated Vojvodina with 33:26 (17:15).

Cooperation between Vardar and the Republic Council on Road Traffic Safety: Drive carefully and win Champions’ League tickets

Traffic culture is an important part of everyday life and just before the Champions' League match against Rhein-Neckar Vardar awarded several careful drivers.