Vardar unstoppable

The winning series of Vardar's pioneers continue. The players of Andrijana Budimir are unreachable for their rivals in the pioneer championship, and they defeated Veles 2009 with 30:8 (11:4) in SC Kale.

Meshkov Brest is Vardar’s opponent in the SEHA League F4 semi-final

One round to the end of the SEHA Gazprom League regular part of the season, we found out that Vardar's opponent in the semi-final of the F4 tournament, which will be played from 13.04-15.04 in Skopje, is the Belorussian team of Meshkov Brest.

Vardar ended the SEHA League regular part with a new record

Vardar is the first team in the SEHA Gazprom League that succeeded to finish the regular part of the season with 17 victories. They won the last match against Nexe with 29:25 (11:12). In addition, Vardar set the new record in the number of points won in the...

The pioneers of Vardar Junior lost in Veles

In the first match of the spring season, the youngest players of Vardar Junior failed to win points in Veles. In the hall Blazhe Koneski in Veles, the red-black team lost with 27:28 (14:13) from Bisinov Vardar.

Another 2-digit victory for Vardar’s pioneers

The players of Andrijana Budimir developed a habit of gaining 2-digit victories in the pioneer league and score more than 30 goals in each match. In the 10th round, they defeated the team of Shkupi with 35:8 (17:3).

Vardar routinely won in Novi Sad

The match in Novi Sad did not make changes in the SEHA League rankings. One round to the end of the regular part of the season, the red-black team is still 1st after defeating Vojvodina (the last team in the league) with 36:32 (17:13).