Stash Skube: I want to play the F4 with Vardar

With the playing quality he imposed himself as an indispensable part of the Vardar's team. At the end of the year, Stash Skube is with the red and black team at the very top, both in the Champions League and the SEHA Gazprom League.

An excellent organizer of Vardar's game and a loving father whose children and wife are in the first place. After the hard season, now is the time to rest, charge batteries and spend more moments with the family.

In anticipation of Christmas for those who celebrate it according the Gregorian calendar, we spent some time with the smiling Skube Stash and we talked about the traditions and celebrations of holidays in his native Slovenia, his family, and his decision to move to Vardar.

*Already half a season is behind us. You came to Vardar as a reinforcement. Are you satisfied with the results achieved so far?
I think we should all be very pleased with the results, the players, the coaching team, and the audience, which is unreplaceable support and motivation for the team during most difficult matches. After the 10th round of the Champions League, we have 13 points and we have good conditions to hold the second position in our group. In the SEHA League we are at the top too, and we have accomplished the goal.

*What will you remember from 2018?
I will remember this year by the first title in my career, that is winning the finals in the Hungarian national league with Pick Szeged, as well as the transition to Vardar which proved to be an excellent continuation of my professional career.

* You had a great half-season, a very successful one, and now it is time for rest and for the family. Where do you plan to spend Christmas and New Year holidays?
Although we did not play every game as we can and as we wanted, it is important for us that Vardar moves in the direction we desire. Now is the time for rest and I will spend all the upcoming holidays with my family in Slovenia. For the New Year, we will go to a mountain and we will welcome the new year with our friends!

* What does Christmas look like in the home of the Skube family, do you have any family tradition?
For Christmas, we are usually at home, having dinner with the family. It's time for the family and I cannot say that we are organizing a celebration. Nor do we have a festive tradition. In addition to sports, Christmas traditionally bonds us. That is, I come from a sports family and sport is in my blood. My father was a basketball player, my uncle was a good handball player who played at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. My brother is also a handball player.

* What does the Christmas dinner look like, and can you choose a specialty that is traditionally prepared in Slovenia for Christmas?
We do not have a traditional specialty or main dish at dinner. It is important to have plenty of food at the table and gather the whole family. The choice is rich, so everyone eats its favourite food. We do not celebrate Christmas Eve with the family, but in anticipation of Christmas, a custom in Slovenia is to go to church at midnight.

* How do you like Skopje, especially embroidered with New Year decorations?
Skopje in December is a much more beautiful city than usual. Last week we walked through the city centre, everything was beautifully decorated, moving and relaxed. I liked the whole festive atmosphere in the city.

* The family regularly supports you from the stands. Among the youngest fans on the stands are the blonde boy and girl wearing Vardar's jersey number 20. Are you discussing how they experience the game, and how do you?
With the family, we usually talk a lot about handball and matches. Matches are big events for the children, a happening that is very important to all of us. They already understand that their dad is a handball player, that I have important matches and they are very happy when they can cheer. They remain on the stands during the whole match. At the end, they enter the court and play, which is like a tradition for the children of all players from the team.

* How do you spend your free time? Do you have a favourite place in Skopje where you charge batteries?
I try to spend every free moment with my family or hang out with friends. We like good food, so sometimes we go out together for lunch or dinner, but the most favourite places are those with playgrounds. Children are now in the first place, we listen to them, and it's important for them to have a place for playing.

* What is the least you like in Skopje?
What I least like in Skopje is how people drive, and this is complemented by huge crowds and traffic jam, so to get to where you want, you need a lot of time.

* What would you wish for 2019?
For the new year, I wish health and success with Vardar. I want to play the F4 with Vardar, and I wish everyone else lots of happiness and numerous pleasures.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018 - 16:33