Jose the Toledo – I can’t wait to put on Vardar’s jersey

He came as a boost, but due to injury he had to operate his knee. Now, he is ready for the upcoming challenges and in spring, Vardar should be boosted on the right back position. The Brazilian Jose de Toledo has already started training with the team and preparing for his first matches wearing the red-black jersey.
* The fans expect you to start playing. Are you ready to join Dainis Kristopans on the right back position?
Of course, I am ready. I had few additional examinations, but I am ready to start training seriously with the team.
* How was the recovery process?
I had a complicated surgery. It was not as simple as people thought. I was not happy with my condition, but I had a normal and mandatory postoperative process. The impatience drives you crazy. I can't wait to start playing. The recovery process was long, and it is hard. It was not easy, but I feel better now, and I started training with the team.
* Did you miss playing handball?
I missed it very, very much. I missed handball and I missed being with the team. I was mostly sorry for not wearing Vardar jersey since the beginning of the season. It is time for me to wear that jersey, to stand before the fans and enter the court of this beautiful arena filled with amazing support.
*However, you were part of the team in the past period.
Of course. I was constantly in the arena with the team. I attended matches and training sessions. I had my individual training sessions here. Still, I was focused on my knee, my successful recovery and good performance when I join my team.
* In the following period, Vardar needs to defend three titles.
I am ready for this challenge. That is why I am here. The following months will be hard for us. We will have difficult challenges in the SEHA, the Champions' League and the national championship. Every match is important, and it will not be easy. But the beauty is in having tough challenges and being able to give 100% each time.
* Do you watch the EC 2020? What team do you cheer for?
I cheered for Macedonia, but I also cheer for Spain because the coach Jordi Ribera is from Brazil.


Monday, 20 January 2020 - 13:43

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