Interview 20 to 1 – Igor Karachic

Igor Karachic is one of the players with the longest "years of service" in Vardar. He achieved the biggest successes in his career in Vardar. He won the Champions' League gold medal and participated in the Champions' League F4 tournament.

He is one of the fans' favourite players and he is constantly surrounded by them.
But, do you know everything about Igor Karachic? We asked him 20 questions. Maybe there is something you do not know about him.

1. What is the biggest benefit of being famous?
- It is a big satisfaction when you could show your youngest fans the right path in their life.
2. What quality you value most in other people?
- Humanity, sincerity and sensitivity towards other living beings.
3. What makes you most upset or frustrated?
- The injustice and the liars.
4. What do you most like about yourself?
- I have learned never to give up, and not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.
5. What is it that you do not love about yourself?
- My temper.
6. What are your best moments in handball?
- There were really many, but of course I can distinguish the winning of the Champions' League with Vardar and the EC medal in Poland with the national team of Croatia.
7. What are the worst moments?
- Elimination from Flensburg in the ¼ finals for F4 entry.
8. How do you relax?
- Always in a good company and with positive people.
9. What can make you laugh?
- Faith, love and the feeling that someone would do everything for you.
10. What's your worst habit?
- Sleep until late.

11. Knowing what you know now, what kind of advice would you give yourself if you start a career again?
- To dedicate yourself to achieving your goals because your career is short, and you always have to be content with what you have, and work to be much better.
12. Which advice is the best that someone gave you?
- There were many good tips, and most coming from my family. But, when I look back in my career, then it is certainly the one from the EC 2016 in Poland when Petar Metlicic held a meeting in the court before the start of the match. We had an impossible mission to defeat Poland with a lead of 14 goals in front of more than 20,000 Polish fans and to qualify for the semifinals, which we succeeded. And one of the sentences was: get into the court and leave your heart there. Be fair to yourself, because no one in this world can forbid you to dream. Go now and make your dreams come true.
13. What's the perfect day for you?
- A day spent with my whole family is always something great for me.
14. Biggest fear?
- The health and life of my loved ones.
15. What is your dearest possession?
- My family.

16. If you were not a handball player, what would you be?
- Probably a footballer
17. What's the most beautiful place you've been to?
- Mostar and my home.
18. Where would you like to go, and where have you never been?
- I was in Israel, but I failed to see everything. So, I want to go back there and visit the historic places I have missed.
19. What do you want to be remembered for?
- I do not know exactly, but I would like to be remembered the way I am, and people who know me well, know what it is.
20. Tell us something that would surprise us?
- Everything it's more or less known and there's nothing I could surprise you about. I can only advise young athletes who want to educate themselves that everything is possible with a good organization, because I am well organized, and I manage to do everything. I am proud that I managed to get a college degree in my career and fulfill some of my dreams.

Monday, 3 December 2018 - 16:13