The coach Stojan Petrushevski from Vardar Junior was revealing handball secrets to the kids of Kisela Voda Vardar

The young players from our school Kisela Voda Vardar had an unusual training session. Together with the coach of Vardar Junior, Stojan Petrushevski, the former head coach of the senior and youth national team, the kids trained as senior players. They learned few new tricks, but above all, they had fun and enjoyed exercising and playing games with the coach.

The coach of Kisela Voda Vardar, Biljana Pecevska, led the training session with Petrushevski. He attended the training session of both categories – the kids born in 2010 and later who train mini-handball and then with the kids born in 2008/09. Pecevska dedicated the rest of the sessions to usual activities, i.e., learning handball skills.

"It is always fun to work with kids. I especially liked that the kids were focused on both training sessions and wanted to learn more. They paid attention and tried to make all exercises, although for some of the kids, these exercises were a complete novelty. We enjoyed the sessions and I hope we will repeat them" – said Petrushevski after the training sessions.
Two players of Vardar Junior, Viktor Krstevski and Stefan Krstevski also attended the training sessions and helped Petrushevski to make the kids smile.
As members of the Vardar Handball Academy, the kids from Kisela Vardar will play the tournament "One life, one love", and then they will compete in the Vardar Junior League.
* Please contact Biljana Pecevska (078 345 687) for registration in Kisela Voda Vardar.

Friday, 4 October 2019 - 14:05