Successful first day of the tournament “One life, one love”

The first day of the tournament "One life, one love" for the boys and girls born in 2006/07 has passed in SC Jane Sandanski.

We watched excellent matches between the boys' teams of Urdarevski Vardar, Angeli Vardar, Filip Vardar, Budimir Vardar, Bisinov Vardar and Baltepe Vardar and the girls' teams of Budimir 1 Vardar, Budimir 2 Vardar, Drachevo Vardar, Delchevo Vardar and Sedmerec Vardar.
Here is the summary of today's matches and the schedule for tomorrow:

 - 1_i_2_kolo.docx


The kids were excited to play again against their peers and feel the atmosphere in the small and the big arena of SC Jane Sandanski where usually the two-fold champion plays the Champions' and the SEHA League matches. The girls from Sedmerec Vardar and the boys from Filip Vardar had their debut today and announced themselves as regular participants of the upcoming Vardar Junior League.

Monday, 7 October 2019 - 10:54