New excitements within the Vardar Junior League on Sunday in SC Jane Sandanski

Vardar senior team is on a deserved vacation and they have been preparing for the EC and the spring part of the season. However, the handball "fever" in SC Jane Sandanski continues. All handball schools that are part of the Vardar Handball Academy compete within the Vardar Junior League and next weekend they will play matches from the 1st part of the season.

On Sunday (22.12.2019) in SC Jane Sandanski we expect to see all competitors, as well as all fans and relatives on the stands. There is no winter for us and we always play handball.
The first match starts at 09:00 and the last match will end at 15:40. Boys and girls born in 2006/07, 2008/09 and the little ones born in 2010 and younger will play.
Our coaches from the senior leagues will be the referees on these matches. They will have to make decisions on difficult situations in the court, but they will be also scouting our younger teams. Every talent will certainly find its place in the notebooks of the coaches, and then, who knows, some of them might play in the youth teams.

Sunday, 22.12.2019
09:00 Angeli Vardar - Baltepe Vardar
12:45 Urdarevski Vardar - Baltepe Vardar

09:45 Bisinov 2 Vardar - Budimir Vardar
12:00 Bisinov 1 Vardar - Karposh / Urdarevski Vardar

2010 and younger
13:30 Bisinov Vardar - Karposh Vardar
13:50 Bisinov - Municipality Kisela Voda Vardar

10:30 Kale Vardar - Budimir Vardar
11:15 Drachevo Vardar - Delchevo Vardar
14:15 Budimir Vardar - Delchevo Vardar
15:00 Drachevo Vardar - Kale Vardar

Friday, 20 December 2019 - 14:16

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