Karposh, Bisinov and Angeli are the leaders after the Vardar Junior League 2nd round

Two rounds of the Vardar Junior League were played. This season, boy's and girl's within the 2004/05, 2006/07 and 2008/09 categories are part of the league, as well as the mini-handball players born in 2010 and earlier.

There are no standings in mini-handball. The winner is not important in this category, because kids need to learn what is fair-play, team spirit and sports attitude.
Karposh Vardar from Kumanovo is the first in the 2004/05 category, and right behind is Urdarevski Vardar from Skopje. Although both teams have 6 points each, Karposh Vardar has a better goal-difference. Part of this category are also Angeli Vardar from Skopje and Filip Vardar from Prilep.

* 1st and 2nd round, category 2004/05: 1_i_2_kolo_2004-05_m.docx

After 2 rounds in the 2006/07 category, Bisinov Vardar from Veles is 1st with a better goal-difference than the 2nd ranked Budimir Vardar from Skopje. Both teams have 6 points each. Angeli Vardar is 3rd. Karposh Vardar from Kumanovo and Urdarevski Vardar from Skopje did not play these 2 rounds. Filip Vardar from Prilep and Delchevo Vardar from Delchevo are also part of this category.

* 1st and 2nd round, category 2006/07: 1_i_2_kolo_2006-07_m.docx

Angeli Vardar from Skopje are the 1st in the boy's 2008/09 category. Behind them are Vardar Sedmerec from Ohrid and Bisinov Vardar from Veles. Part of this category are also Municipality Kisela Voda Vardar, Partenie Zografski and Champion Vardar from Skopje.

* 1st and 2nd round, category 2008/09: 1_i_2_kolo_2008-09_m.docx

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