It does not matter where you are, where you were born and where you live – everyone loves Vardar

The biggest motivation for the kids that love handball is when they start playing for the team of their idols, i.e., when they become part of what for them is the best. The best Macedonian handball club Vardar has exactly that irresistible magnetism, which has been attracting young talents to our handball academy for years. The Vardar Handball Academy is the organizer of the league for kids and young players – the Vardar Junior League.

Loving the brand is part of everyday life of the local young fans, but also of those that live in this country and choose Vardar to be the place where their kids will learn handball and improve.
It does not matter where you are, where you were born and where you live, Vardar is a magnet for everybody.
Brajan Avia is Macedonian, originating from Nigeria and Togo, and Jakov Rumih is Slovenian, who has been living in Skopje for several years. Both are young players of the team Champion Vardar and they play within the Vardar Junior League.
Jakov Rumih is in love with handball and he has been training for almost 4 years. When he was 7, he moved with his family to Macedonia and has been still learning the Macedonian language. We talked to Jakov in English, and he had no words to describe how much he enjoys playing handball.

"I often watch handball on TV and my father allowed me to start training. Soon, I met Vardar's former goalkeeper Arpad Sterbik and his son, with whom I train. We had a lot of fun. There were other popular players in the school and I wanted to start training. However, I also wanted to play matches and when I started training in the school of Champion Vardar I also started with matches. I love handball because it gives me energy, there is a lot of action and I feel great after the match. The conditions for training and playing matches are very good in Macedonia. We play just as professionals do. I have an excellent team and I have fun with my friends. I really like Macedonia" – said Jakov.

Our first impression of Brajan was that he enjoys sports. He was born in Skopje and has already achieved excellent results in athletics. He says that he was not a big handball fan, but when he started training, handball became his passion.

"My mother was born in Skopje, originating from Togo, but my home is Macedonia. Upon invitation of Slobodan Chivlachki, I started to train handball one month ago. He noticed that I am fast, and he invited me to come to the school Champion Vardar. We have excellent coaches, a very good team, and we learn together with Nikola and Victor. I enjoyed the match today. I really like handball, although I have been training for only one month. I have never watched matches, but I quickly adjusted to the team and I wish to continue playing. I have experience in swimming and gymnastics, but I have achieved the greatest results in athletics. I train handball and athletics simultaneously. I won many gold, silver and bronze medals on 100m and 200m races, as well as in long jump. My best manual timing in a 100m race is 13 seconds and 63 hundredths, while my electronic timing is 14:11" – said Brajan.

For the 4th year in a raw, the Vardar Junior League has been organizing matches for the youngest handball fans. The season starts in October and it usually ends in May. The kids do not train during school breaks, but during the winter break, the Vardar Handball Academy organizes the winter tournament.

Thursday, 6 December 2018 - 11:59