In and off the court – all hearts beat for Vardar

You could often see the Maksimovski family on the stands of SC Jane Sandanski, especially when the youth selections of the Vardar Junior League play. Parents are always present in both halls to support the young players who wear the red-black jersey. Support is especially important for the children, and the Maksimovski family has 3 children that are part of the Vardar family.

Their eldest, Natalija, plays for Vardar's pioneers guided by Andzela Platon, while Nadica and Joakim are members of the Vardar Handball Academy and they compete within the Vardar Junior League.
Joakim, a 10-year old boy, has been training handball for 5 years in Kisela Voda Vardar, and he says that it's wonderful to have 2 sisters that could help you improve your game.

"My idols are my sisters. We all love Vardar and we share the same passion – handball. I like training and playing matches. I do what I want, and I think that Natalija likes handball the most. I mostly train with Nadica. Although rarely, Natalija advises me how to improve my game. Through the summer, we train together, mostly in our yard" – said Joakim.

He has been competing within the league for several years, but he also plays the winter tournament "One life, one love" every year, which is organized by the Vardar Handball Academy.

"It has always been interesting to play matches, and in the league, we learn handball skills. The league gives us an opportunity to meet kids from other towns, but this season was the most interesting for me. I get along well with Martin and Trajche from my team and we learn to develop our team spirit with our coach Biljana Pecevska" – said Joakim.

Natalija wears the pioneer jersey no. 21 and when you see the younger Nadica, who plays for the team of Drachevo Vardar, you could immediately tell that they are related. They both started playing handball in the school of Kisela Voda Vardar, which is part of the Vardar Handball Academy. They both compete within the Vardar Junior League and play the winter tournament.

"I started to play the Vardar Junior League and now I am part of the pioneer selection, which means we train more often and more professionally. This is my 6th year of playing handball and I feel great that Nadica and Joakim also chose handball. Vardar's first teams were our biggest inspiration and motivation, especially the men's team. Me and my sister were thrilled by the women's team and we want to be like them, and my brother found his motivation in the men's team. He wants to be like Stojanche Stoilov" – said Natalija and added that they always talk about handball. "We talk about how many goals each of us has scored, did we play well and had a good time. Regardless of our age, it is good that handball connects us."

According to Nadica, her biggest idol is her sister. Nadica is 12 and has been playing handball for 5 years.

"I started to train handball because I like the sport, especially the feeling when you score. I think if it weren't for my sister and her decisiveness to play, I would not start training. My mother and Natalija often advise me what to correct in my game, but I have to fight alone for achieving successful results. I play all matches organized by the academy, because I want to learn more and play better. In the league I learn how to be part of a team, give my best and help the team win" – said Nadica.

When off the court, she is on the stands supporting her brother or sister.

"We either play, or cheer, but the most important is that we support each other" – said Nadica.

Natalija thinks the same, especially about the support coming from their parents. She says that her mother does not allow them to miss a training session, because they could always learn something new.

"It's true that by everyday training you achieve good results. The pioneer league started at the end of March and I hope we will win the 1st place. We also compete within the cadet championship. Unexpectedly, last year we won the 1st place on the tournament in Belgrade, which is a proof that if you believe and work hard you will be successful" – said Natalija.

The finals of the Vardar Junior League and the pioneer championship are ahead of us. See you in the arena!

Thursday, 11 April 2019 - 15:59