Bisinov Vardar with one victory on the first day of the “Belgrade Trophy”

The members of the Vardar Handball Academy and the handball school Bisinov Vardar gain a victory on the 1st day of the "Belgrade Trophy" international tournament against the team of Zemun. They lost the 2nd match from the team of Jadran Hrpelje from Slovenia.

Today at 14:35, Bisinov Vardar will play against the team of Studentski Grad from Belgrade and tomorrow at 09:35, they will play against Kochevje from Slovenia.
Bisinov Vardar played a difficult, but equal match against the team of Zemun and managed to win with 15:14.
The boys from Veles lost the match against Jadran Hrpelje in the finish. They had a constant lead during the whole match with an advantage of 11:9 on halftime. Still, their luck changed near the end, and the Slovenian team won with 18:20.
The team of Bisinov Vardar competed in the 2005/06 category, but the team is mainly composed of boys born in 2006/07 that compete in the Vardar Junior League, and three boys born in 2005 with whom they balance the age difference when they play in the older categories.

Monday, 30 December 2019 - 12:00

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