Bisinov Vardar dominated on the “One life, one love” tournament”

Bisinov Vardar is the winner of the 6th tournament "One life, one love" organized by the Vardar Handball Academy. The boys and girls within the 2006/07 category competed for the tournament's trophy last weekend in SC Jane Sandanski. In recent years, the tournament has emerged as a sports event where traditionally young talents show their skills and check their progress compared to their peers from several cities across Macedonia.

Bisinov Vardar from Veles was better than the team of Budimir Vardar in the final. The team from Veles was a favourite even in the group phase and in the final they confirmed that they have young talents with a strong potential for further development. Bisinov Vardar won the final with 20:5.


The best player, scorer and goalkeeper were granted with individual awards on this tournament. David Jovchevski from Urdarevski Vardar was the best scorer, Aleksandar Ristevski from Bisinov Vardar was the best player and Leonid Bogdanoski from Filip Vardar was the best goalkeeper.


Budimir Vardar won the 2nd place on the tournament by defeating Urdarevski Vardar in the semi-final with 16:15.

Photo gallery of the closing ceremony


Filip Vardar won the 3rd place by defeating Urdarevski Vardar with 19:15. Both teams tried to give their best and showed an equal fight. However, in the last minutes of the match, Filip's goalkeeper took his team to the 3rd place. Urdarevski Vardar won the 4th place.
Angeli Vardar won the 5th place and Baltepe Vardar won the 6th place.
Summary of the 2nd day: mashki_turnir_2_den_1.docx

Photo gallery of the final and the match for the 3rd place.

The 2nd part of the tournament will be held in 2 weeks, where we will watch the younger handball players from the 2008/09 category and those born in 2010 and later that play mini handball.

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