A training session with Aleksandar Carchev in the Vardar’s new school

The children's noise was muted when the former national player and current goalkeeper coach of the Macedonian senior national team, the Vardar's women team, as well as of the Vardar's youth selections, Aleksandar Carchev, stood in front of them. A lot can be written about the experience between the goal stands and Carchev's dedication to handball, and almost every Vardar player can say a word of praise, but the children, who joined the new Vardar school in the Elementary school "Vlado Tasevski" at the end of October, met him for the first time and looked confused before him.

The training session was attended by children born in 2008 and younger. They came to learn handball skills with coach Biljana Pecevska, but the Vardar Handball Academy decided to surprise them with a guest coach. Carchev started the training session by explaining and demonstrating some basic handball movements and shots. Together with Pecevska, they patiently showed them the correct movements, and in the second half of the training session they relaxed with a match where the children used the movements and the tips they learned. That the coach should have an eagle-eye, Carchev confirmed by recognizing among the children those who have the potential to guard the net.

"They had a great time and liked the session. Everyone joined, paid attention to what I was explaining and tried to do the exercise. They especially liked the second part of the session when they played a match. But most importantly, the kids are engaged in sports. They spend less time with their mobile phones, and sports brings numerous benefits to child development, especially group sports – better motor skills, new friendships, team spirit and teamwork. In future we will hangout again" – said Carchev.

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"We enrol children born in 2008 and younger in the handball school of the Elementary School "Vlado Tasevski". Children who practice will play regular matches organized by the Vardar Junior League, and with the monthly memberships, they receive equipment from one of the most famous sports equipment manufacturers Hummel, that is, jerseys for training and playing matches, design t-shirts, socks and bags, as well as a 30% discount in the Vardar fan shop, free entry to the SEHA League and national championship and cup matches. This is the second school of the Vardar Handball Academy in Skopje, which cooperates with several regional units in the capital, whose children are included in the Vardar Junior League.

Thursday, 7 November 2019 - 16:16