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Successful first day for the youngsters on the tournament “One life, one love”

Bisinov 1 Vardar, Gjorche Petrov Vardar, Angeli Vardar and Sedmerec Vardar are the semi-finalists in the 2008/09 category of the "One Life, one Love" tournament organized by the Vardar Handball Academy.

Bisinov Vardar dominated on the “One life, one love” tournament”

Bisinov Vardar is the winner of the 6th tournament "One life, one love" organized by the Vardar Handball Academy. The boys and girls within the 2006/07 category competed for the tournament's trophy last weekend in SC Jane Sandanski. In recent years, the...

Successful first day of the tournament “One life, one love”

The first day of the tournament "One life, one love" for the boys and girls born in 2006/07 has passed in SC Jane Sandanski.

The coach Stojan Petrushevski from Vardar Junior was revealing handball secrets to the kids of Kisela Voda Vardar

The young players from our school Kisela Voda Vardar had an unusual training session. Together with the coach of Vardar Junior, Stojan Petrushevski, the former head coach of the senior and youth national team, the kids trained as senior players. They learned few...

The 6th tournament “One life, one love” starts on October 5th

The Vardar Handball Academy will organize the traditional "One Life, One Love" Tournament for the sixth time. In the past five years the tournament has grown into a strong and quality event where Academy members develop and promote handball skills. This year's...

The Champions’ League trophy in Ohrid

The euphoric fever after winning the second Champions' League title has again appeared after the second victory of the two-time champion Vardar in SC "Jane Sandanski" against Porto. The happiness and excitement caused by Vardar when they brought the trophy to...

Join the best – Registration started in Kisela Voda Vardar!

Start training in the handball school of the 2-fold and current European champion Vardar! Registration started in Kisela Voda Vardar, which is Vardar's first handball school in Skopje established through the Vardar Handball Academy.

Vardar Sedmerec from Ohrid started with registration of new members

Just before the start of the new handball season for children and youth, Vardar Sedmerec from Ohrid started to register new members born in the period 2005-2013. The handball school is part of the Vardar Handball Academy, and in the past years, it has been part...

Vardar Sedmerec organizes a tournament “5 for handball”

The handball school from Ohrid, Vardar Sedmerec, and the Vardar Handball Academy in cooperation with JP Biljanini Izvori – Ohrid, will organize a tournament tomorrow (25.05) in Ohrid.

F4 tournaments within the Vardar Junior League for the 2004/05 and 2006/07 categories

The best Vardar Junior League formed for development of handball skills among the youngest athletes will organize the F4 tournaments within the boy's 2004/05 и 2006/07 categories next Saturday and Sunday in SC Jane Sandanski.